Practice Areas



Aware of how valuable the intellectual capital of companies is, WIT represents national and foreign individuals and companies regarding the protection and defense of their intellectual property rights in Mexico and abroad, including, among others, their trademarks, slogans, patents, industrial designs and copyrights.

WIT services in this area include comprehensive advice, strategic consulting for the registration and defense of the intellectual property rights of the clients, as well as services related to domain names disputes, franchises, licenses and administration of intellectual property portfolios.

The wide and reliable network of collaborators that WIT has in different countries of the world allows it to offer its clients the registration and protection of their rights at the international level with a single local contact, in Spanish language and without hidden costs or confusions.



In today’s global business environment there are many national and foreign companies that require hiring or allocating their workers and their families in Mexico, which is why WIT offers its clients the performance of all the necessary administrative procedures for foreigners that due to their activities and interests they wish to be in Mexico, they comply with all the legal requirements for this purpose and can safely operate in the country regarding their legal stay.

WIT carries out, among other procedures, the registration of companies employing foreigners, applications for hiring foreign employees, obtaining visas, obtaining temporary and permanent residences, as well as naturalization processes and obtaining Mexican nationality.



Understanding the need of Mexican and foreign companies to develop business in other latitudes WIT offers its clients consulting services related to the establishment of subsidiaries abroad (especially Mexico-Europe / Europe-Mexico), business contact management and immersion in the market, prospecting of partners, distributors, customers and suppliers, definition of legal requirements and legal / fiscal strategy for this as well as the realization of transfer pricing studies, among others.



WIT offers its clients consulting, strategy, constitution and start-up services for companies and associations; as well as acts related to foreign investment; statutory reforms and corporate changes; trade agreements; mergers, associations and liquidation of companies; preparation, negotiation and review of civil and commercial contracts.

In addition to offering advice for the review and elaboration of contracts, WIT is distinguished by monitoring compliance with contractual obligations in order to avoid and anticipate possible litigation and contingencies.

WIT’s experience in representing its clients before various administrative and private authorities, for the negotiation or management of procedures, guarantees a transparent and excellent service.



WIT offers its clients specialized services in Counseling and Litigation in Civil and Commercial Matters, in such a way that the firm can accompany and represent its clients from the beginning of the operations they are interested in, providing advice for the definition and implementation of the legal strategy most appropriate to their interests and that gives them the greatest legal certainty in their businesses, successfully achieving the proper formalization of their operations.

WIT also provides its clients with advice for the attention of civil and commercial disputes in order to establish the best and most solid litigation strategy in the trials that were necessary to interpose for the preservation of their rights and demand the fulfillment of the obligations in their favor, as well as for the attention of the judicial proceedings that are initiated against its clients, safeguarding their interests and rights, seeking in all cases alternative solutions to the conflict in the shortest possible time and in the best conditions for their clients.